AMAS Tower

Enjoy gardening where space is at a premium

AMAS Tower can help you grow ten plants in a 4’x4′ floor space indoors without ever needing direct sunlight. Being hydroponic, AMAS Tower takes advantage of the available vertical space. If you have more available floor area, simply add our additional modular units to build a hydroponic garden wall. You can keep an eye on everything using our app, or Home Assistant.

* please note that the AMAS Tower photographed here is a very early prototype at one of our co-founder’s place

AMAS Control

Automate existing gardens

Already have a garden, hydroponic or otherwise? Maybe even an aquarium? You can now automate your existing habitats using AMAS Control. Simply hook on your existing lights or pumps to AMAS Control, and enjoy seamless automation using our app, or Home Assistant. This is the brain of AMAS Tower.

* please note that the AMAS Control photographed here is an early non-functioning prototype 


See everything

Use our app to control your devices, even when you are not home (user needs to create a free account with us to have this remote functionality), without any subscription fee ever. All our devices are also Home Assistant compatible, giving you a single place to control everything.

* sorry, we cannot share our app mock-ups before we launch; instead, please enjoy this photo by Tyler Lastovich!

AMAS for the Community

Secure and Open-Source

All communication to-and-from our devices is fully encrypted using industry standards, so you can rest assured nobody is snooping in on your garden data. Any data collected from our devices is fully anonymized, and can be turned off anytime from our app. Our open-source MicroPython based firmware is developed under AGPL-v3.0 license, and our repositories will be public on launch. Our API is also open for anyone to build their own user interface (will be public on launch). Our app is fully compatible with devices built using our source code, but a separate subscription is needed to control those devices from outside your home. 

* yes, that’s an excerpt from our actual firmware